Sep 13, 2022

The Australia Pacific Training Coalition (APTC) and Sangam Institute of Technology College of Nursing and Health Care Education have renewed their partnership to strengthen aged care training delivery in Fiji.

Through this collaboration with APTC, the Sangam College of Nursing and Health Care Education will be able to deliver National Certificates (II and III) in Aged Care in Fiji.

The programs will ensure Fijians can acquire world-class skills to provide quality care to people in aged care facilities or at home.

APTC will also work with the College to further develop the capability of its training staff through the Australian Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home & Community) course, and professional development opportunities to deliver competency-based training and assessment programs.

The partnership complements Australia’s support through APTC in skills development for Fiji’s aged care sector. 

The Sangam College of Nursing and Health Care Education is a private nursing education institution operated by the Then India Sanmarga Ikya (TISI) Sangam, a non-profit, social–cultural and religious organisation.

Over the years, different nursing programs have been offered by the College, including the National Certificate in Aged Care and Community Care, accredited by the Fiji Higher Education Commission.

APTC started working with the Sangam College of Nursing and Health Care Education in 2017. This early work focused on the delivery of the Certificate III in Individual Support program by an APTC-qualified trainer, and the mentoring of the College of Nursing trainers on vocational education and teaching strategies.

Mr Amraiya Naidu, Chairman of the Academic and Staff Board of the Sangam College of Nursing and Health Care Education, thanked APTC for the opportunity to further build their partnership.

“TISI Sangam is making valuable contributions towards healthcare in Fiji, and this partnership will improve the health and wellbeing of Fijians,” he said.

APTC Executive Director, Ms Janelle Chapman said APTC looked forward to supporting and adding value to the existing work of the Sangam College of Nursing and Health Care Education.

“We hope the collaboration will help strengthen employment outcomes and livelihoods for those wishing to take up a career in aged care, particularly at a time when these skills are so highly valued both here in Fiji and internationally,” she added.

APTC is one of Australia’s major investments in technical and vocational education and training in the region. Over 17,000 Pacific graduates have been trained by APTC, including more than 5,300 Fijians.